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Window Coverings Sacramento Home Fashion Designswindow coverings sacramento home fashion designs

When choosing the right window covering for you and your home, although most consider color and look initially, functionality should be first considered. This obviously limits your choices, but positively. For example, you will need lined curtains if you want window treatments that offer privacy or complete darkness. If you like light filtering in or if your treatment are purely decorative, then unlined is suitable.  Lining is usually more expensive, but has added benefits.  Lining protects fabric from sun damage, extending the life of window coverings. A lining also adds heaviness, guards against drafts and helps fabric drape more luxuriously.

To maximize the life of your treatment, insulation, light blockage, and body, curtains with an interlining can be obtained.   An interlining is a layer of flannel-like fabric, sewn between the lining and the face fabric. This is usually an option for custom-made curtains and not generally available in less expensive ready-made draperies. For those considering custom window coverings Sacramento Home Fashion Designs has gorgeous treatments in many styles and ranges.

When considering texture, consider the desired ambiance of the room.  Heavy silk or velvet are good choices for formal spaces.  For more practical options, a cotton sateen or silky rayon blend and may be the better selection. Many are machine washable. For a more casual feel, there are billowy linen and crinkly crushed velvet.  For a crisp feel cotton and cotton blends pair well with most types of décor. The same is true with wool or wool blends.

Do you want the curtains to blend with the decor or to standout?  To effectively blend, choose treatments that are a similar tone as the walls but a few shades darker.  You could also choose a non-dominant subtle color in the room, such as a softer shade from the sofa or carpet.  A vibrant color works like an exclamation point (if a little pizzazz is the goal).  In a space where the sun shines through unlined curtains, the color will infuse the room. Certain colors and shades enhance or alter the desired effect – blue can be unnerving, while pinks can be cheery.

Not all window covering shops and business are created equal. For elegant, but trendy window coverings Sacramento Home Fashion Designs helps you find your dream.